An Overview of Farm Products —


Vegetables, herbs, and flowers are sold to local restaurants, at the Fayette County Farmer’s Market and The Farmstand (located at Cathedral Café). Produce, eggs, and USDA inspected meats can also be purchased directly at the farm.

The farm is expanding its animal husbandry and rotational grazing. Beef cattle and sheep are grass-fed and raised for meat.  Farm residents include:

  • Silver Lace Wyandottes, Golden Lace Wyandottes and Welsummer Laying Hens

  • Belted Galloway and Limousin Beef Cattle

  • Katahdin Sheep



All meats are butchered by a USDA certified butcher. The meat comes back to me frozen, labeled, weighed, and vacuum packed in packages. All meat is sold by the pound with prices varying for different types of cut and by weight on the package.  Grass fed, rotationally grazed beef is available now. In the future I will have lamb available also.



Produce will be sold as it is harvested in the high tunnel and gardens. The year starts with fresh mixed greens including spinach, beet greens, kale, pac-choi, lettuces and other hardy greens available March- June. Then other vegetables and herbs follow through -out the summer season. This is followed by fall crops and cold hardy greens are produced once again before the winter.


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